"Here's Aaron Simms in a nutshell: singularly talented, thoroughly professional and all around joy to work with. He's as smart, magnetic and committed on stage as he is fun, open and generous in rehearsals. I would hire him at the drop of a hat (and you should, too!)."

Laura LeBleu - Producer - HoNkBarK! & Vital Theatre Company

"Aaron is a skilled and well-rounded performer, articulate communicator and fantastic "team player." His work ethic and dedication to his craft impressed me, as well as our board of directors. He is a true professional, a pleasure to have in any cast and a talented individual. Aaron has an endless energy about him, his work is always well thought out and the excitement that he brings to the role, the show and the company is a joy to be a part of. I wish I had a thousand actors like Aaron. He was a wonderful asset to TWV and I would hire him again without hesitation."

"I highly recommend Aaron Simms for your company, you won't be sorry. He will give the show 110% of his abilities and he is a 'plays well with others' human - not the 'runs with scissors' type."

Marina Hunley - Artistic Director - Theatre West Virginia

"In America we need many more fervent and talented actors who have the thirst, talent and technique to perform the classics as well as contemporary text. Aaron displays the ability to meet the daunting demands of verse with clarity and specificity."

Ted Minos - Artistic Director - Moose Hall Theatre Company

"Aaron is the actor about whom you do not worry. He is the actor who is always early, the one who always has gone over the scenes for that day's rehearsal and has ideas and thoughts to bounce off you. He is creatively free and technically skilled. In short, Aaron's one of the people you want on your side when working on a play."

Tim Errickson - Artistic Director - Boomerang Theatre Company

"I worked with Aaron in the summer of 2002 on a short play for a company called Magnetic North. My experience with him throughout the production was of a young man who was incredibly malleable, willing to take risks and throw out ideas. His attitude and enthusiasm were a true necessity as we were working on an abstract piece written by Josh Ben Friedman. I cast Aaron for his talent, but his easy-going manner, work ethic and commitment to both the role and his craft, make him an actor I would work with again."

Rachel Wood - Associate Artistic Director, Boomerang Theatre Company

"I had the opportunity to experience the work of Aaron Simms when I was artistic director of Playwrights Actors Contemporary Theater. He is a skilled and talented actor, a true collaborator and is fun to have on set. Aaron retains a place in SkyTown Entertainment's current casting file."

Jane Petrov - President - SkyTown Entertainment, LLC